• Custom Profiles for Yourself or your Project
  • Your Own Blog: Platform helps promote your Project
  • Connect with different crypto developers, marketers, services and communities
  • Get 5% Discount at Crypto Cloud Hosting
  • Online Support 24/7 : Dedicated IRC Channel for Support and Communities


BTC 0.12 Starting from

  • All Normal Benefits Plus
  • Included 1 Year VIP Membership
  • Added to the Sponsors Page
  • Custom Sub-domain Redirect to your Profile:
  • Altcoins Foundation Core Supporter
To become a VIP Member or Sponsor:
1.- Register Normally.
2.- Send a message to Support in chat or send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request and AF member name.
3.- Donate to the provided BTC address to unlock and enjoy the benefits.

More Features

Connections and IM: Send instant messages and start connecting with different developers and Crypto users.

Chatrooms: Visit the different chatrooms or create your own (temporary) as a registered user.

Blogs: Write and share your own Blogs with different Crypto users and visitors.

Press Releases: Publish your own Press Release to the Crypto Updates, some of the best ones get relayed with different media partners *VIP.

Announcements and Forums: Dedicated place for sharing your new ANNs on a visible and more accessible way, services or projects feedback, community sharing and more.

Coin Showcase: Selection of coins that get show cased at the home of the Foundation for aims of promotion, rotates every 2-3rd month.

Foundation Tv: Relay your Project Video on the Foundation YouTube, get shared across different networks with links to your project.

Projects for Rescue: Project abandoned by their developers? Post it and start a Community Takeover or announce your Takeover to get Support.

The foundation platform is automatized in most of its parts, giving its members the power to create its own content for information and promotion.
Earnings are used to pay for the Foundation maintenance, servers, coding, improvements and Marketing of the platform.