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TOPIC: Encompass: HD Multi-Coin Wallet - Add Your Coin?

Encompass: HD Multi-Coin Wallet - Add Your Coin? 4 years 8 months ago #23

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Encompass is a multi-currency, BIP-0044 compatible fork of Electrum. It uses modules to represent coins, so it's not very hard to add new ones. At the moment, most coins can be implemented, unless they do really unconventional stuff like change the hashing algorithm used in base58 check encoding.

The great thing about it is that one backup means all the currently-supported coins in your wallet, as well as all future supported coins, are forever protected by your master seed. Since it follows the BIP-0044 standard, Encompass wallets are also compatible with other wallets that follow the standard.

So let's add your coin. All we need to do is...

- Register the coin for a BIP-0044 chain index here
- Write the chainkey module according to the format here
- Run a server to serve blockchain data to users' wallets. (I'm currently working on a sort of "universal electrum server" that can easily be adapted for arbitrary coins.) It's pretty close to being ready.

Now, the friendliest way to do all this is for you to do it, and then open a pull request to the repo linked above. :P Don't worry though, I usually have time to help, and sometimes even write the whole chainkey module! (Please don't count on that being an option.)

NOTE that Encompass' release schedules, milestones, etc. may result in your coin not being added very quickly. Sorry. We love blockchains, but they outnumber us by a very wide margin.

So, want your coin added? Let's talk about it below. :)
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