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TOPIC: ~~~ Crypto Game Development Request~~~

~~~ Crypto Game Development Request~~~ 4 years 3 weeks ago #116

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~~~ Crypto Game Development ~~~
Been planning a few real world uses for some amazing crypto coins.

Wanted to get Crypto Poker, and Crypto Blackjack,..and Crypto Chess!!
All with daily tournaments too.

maybe even Crypto Roulette, and Crypto Craps, maybe even a Ultimate Crypto Slots game..

Sort of thinking top 21 Crypto coins, and others such as LTC, DASH, XCoin, Unbreakablecoin, DogeCoindark, DogeCoin, TeslaCoin, UltraCoin, Okcash, Potcoin, and many other great Altcoins but not just Bitcoin.

Looking for some experienced programmers to help get this all rolling.
Then future plans would be too get working on Android release for this and a few other games.

If you want to help get this all going, post a reply or find me on freenode in #altcoinsfoundation
Thanks for reading
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~~~ Crypto Game Development Request~~~ 3 years 11 months ago #158

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I think with the increased restrictions law makers are trying to place on crypto we should be moving away from gambling sites, and have more gaming sites like I do understand gambling is easier and the payout can be a lot larger, but the laws andd guidelines in operating such a site can be more complex. Where as games like DragonKnight2, also very time consuming gives a nice easy way to earn some coinage without the risk of loss due to legalities.

The HYPER coin really is making a mark in crypto with the way they are literally creating a demand for their coin thru the use of online gaming. I mean a lot fo people play games every day, and everyone wants to be the best and literally billions of dollars a year are spent on in game items, upgrades, and simple things such as completing a task faster by paying for it. Why not use some of these situations and incorporate a coin or a few coins in order to pay for these things.

It is a win win situation for any coin to be honest. You just have to find the right game, or really put the WOW effect on facebook (or a game developer) and convince them to use a coin as a payment method for things like facebook credits (or other in game currency).
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