HeelCoin was recently interviewed by Women and Shoes Magazine here is the interview.

Bitcoin is the digital currency that is changing the World of finance and reinventing commerce. There are an ever-growing assortment of digital coins for all types of interests and now a segment of the fashion industry is getting a coin of it’s own: HeelCoin. HeelCoin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the footwear industry.

Similar in nature to Bitcoin, but distinctly separate, HeelCoin aims to be the cryptocurrency for the multi-billion dollar footwear industry. A recent market research report estimates the footwear market will reach a valuation of US$211.5 billion by the end of 2018. Transacting with only 0.5% of that market would give HeelCoin a market cap of over $1B.


What is your name and what do you do?

HeelCoin was created by a group of developers and marketers who currently wish to remain anonymous, which is common among cryptocurrency developers. Members of the group possess knowledge and experience of the footwear industry as well as cryptocurrency and finance.

How did HeelCoin come to be?

The HeelCoin concept emerged after observing the many successes and failures that have occurred within both the footwear and cryptocurrency industries. The footwear industry has a long history and the cryptocurrency industry has a fast moving history that is being written right now so the timing for combining the two was ideal.

For those who aren’t familiar with BitCoin, are they similar?

They are similar but separate. Bitcoin can be traded for HeelCoin and vice versa but they both operate on separate networks that are not directly compatible with each other. The Bitcoin network is significantly larger than the HeelCoin network but the HeelCoin network is tailored specifically for the footwear industry.

Is it difficult to setup a business like HeelCoin and BitCoin or do you need some sort of financial background to understand it?

Knowledge of technology helps as much as knowledge of finance when working with cryptocurrencies as does knowledge of the industry or group the cryptocurrency is designed for. Creating a cryptocurrency that is successful has it’s share of challenges and those can be difficult but that is the same of any endeavour or project. What determines how “successful” a cryptocurrency is has yet to be firmly defined so this is new territory for anyone involved.

Can you explain to us what ‘cryptocurrency’ is?

Cryptocurrency is digital money that can be reliably exchanged without the need for a third-party. Each different cryptocurrency works with it’s own network of technology and people. Cryptocurrency is like a digital gift card that can be reloaded by anyone and redeemed by anyone who is willing to accept it’s value.
Bitcoin is a more general purpose type of cryptocurrency. HeelCoin is a cryptocurrency specialized for a particular niche.

How can our readers get involved with HeelCoin?

Anyone familiar with Bitcoin use will have no problem using HeelCoin at this point. As we move forward using the currency will become easier. Our upcoming website will become the ultimate starting point for HeelCoin users but while that is being built we have made the currency available and we are constantly updating our supporters about our efforts. Our social media efforts are important for what we are doing. Helping us spread awareness of HeelCoin is greatly appreciated and helps with our efforts.

When will the website be launching?

We are anticipating 4-6 weeks for launch of the community but there is basic information available now at:


What are your social media links?

We have focused mainly on Twitter since our early development has moved very quickly but we are now expanding our social media presence to other platforms that are relevant to both cryptocurrency users as well as footwear consumers and vendors.

Twitter: @heelcoin

We encourage people to connect and interact with us so we can make the HeelCoin community vibrant and bring value to HeelCoin users.
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