Polcoin - introduction

Polcoin Poland is the first virtual currency. Founded in January 2014 years as a clone growing in popularity Bitcoin. It is based on the same algorithm SHA256d.
Today it is a completely Polish project, which involved only Polish team of developers and the Polish capital. Currently, it is developing the third one team of developers. Reborn project Polcoin based on the new chain blocks. Polcoin has a stable network of nodes and developers working on its development.

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Making cryptocurrencies part of the the wider community

I started 2015 with the goal of bringing crypto currencies more into my life and the people around me, aswell as pondering on the idea of running local crypto currency courses. I spoke with a few friends who have since made a list of around 40 people interested in attending this course idea.


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Make your day, annoy the NSA

... you will feel much better by regulary annoying the NSA

Keep them busy, ask funny questions:




It seems the most valuable asset today for any crypto coin is does it offer any real world use.

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including how to give real world use to coins,..