PICISI is a crowdfunding site with a 3-word mantra: ‘Promotion, Promotion, Promotion’. Our goal is to promote the PICISI message, to promote the message of our sponsors, and to promote the message of each of the campaigns at our site. Our intent is to be in a state of perpetual promotion, meaning all day, every day, everywhere around the world. To do this we will create a massive international network of associates to satisfactorily complete PICISI assignments on a regular basis.


PICISI assignments can be as simple as retweeting campaign content to an established fan base, to as complex as website development. Most of our assignments are centered around writing, social networking, and video production. Let’s take a look at 16 real PICISI assignments to get a sense of what PICISI wants and is willing to pay with Pi to registered Promotion Contractors:



• 5 second sponsor video (25)

• 5 min interview of a sponsor (80)

• 30 second PICISI video (100)

• 1 min PICISI explainer video (80)



• badges (5)

• unique article images (25)

• t-shirt graphic (50)

• PICISI logo (30)


Social Networking

• Start PICISI topic at any authorized Discussion Board site (1)



• published PICISI relevant article (min 500 words) at any self publishing site (60)

• articles published by national media sites or national newspaper (200)

• Reprint an PICISI article that was already published elsewhere (2 total max 40)


Interviews  (this i s mainly how the Communications Director will earn money) 

• TV interview (or segment) on CF and you mention our site at least twice and provide address. We must have copy for youtube. (50)

• Radio interview (or segment) about CF, you mention our site at least twice and provide address. We must have copy of the show. (50)

• do follow-up story of successfully completed campaign (75)


Pi (NUMUS) is currently valued at $1ea its value is expected to fluctuate from time to time with supply and demand, however since the PICISI issued token is primarily tied to the performance of PICISI it should be relatively strong and stable.


Let's do some business together.



[i]You Are Invited To Join The PICISI Community, We Are: Administrators, Sponsors, Promotion Contractors, Campaign Contractors, Referral Agents, Campaign Organizers, Donors/Contributors, Volunteers and Pi (NUMUS) Investors.  [/i]