PICISI, a crowdfunding start-up presently under construction, recently announced that they awarded their first contract to MakingMoneyHoney and that payment will be made with “Pi”.


    Once PICISI is launched it will allow crowdfunding campaign organizers to raise funds in fiat (USD, EUR, GBP etc … ) as well as cryptocurrency (EMC2, HYPER, METAL, etc …).   The PICISI issued cryptocurrency (CC) called Pi is awaiting release and will be used in the day-to-day business operation of PICISI.  The primary uses of Pi will be:


    1) to raise funds for start-up and multiple operational licenses worldwide,

    2) to pay Promotion Contractors and others worldwide who do assignments for PICISI,

    3) as a host CC option for Campaign Organizers, and;

    4) as a CC payment option for PICISI sponsors


    For more information about Pi click here.


    Here are 4 primary ways that PI is will be earned:

    1)  by an Administrator,

    2)  by a Promotions Contractor doing ‘Staple’ Assignments, these are no bid contracts,

    3)  by a Promotions Contractor doing ‘Reserve’ Assignments, these are bid contracts, and;

    4)  by a Referral Agent


    Earlier in May PICISI put out a public request for bids to design the logo for Pi, given that PICISI has not yet launched the response was light, especially considering that payment for the service would be made in Pi after the currency is launched.  Of the bids that were submitted  MakingMoneyHoney was selected and awarded the contract.


    All of the bidders were good designers so the competition was tough.  MakingMoneyHoneywon the bid and produced the following images: MakingMoneyHoney of which PICISI selected the following image to be the official logo for Pi:  


    The image is of a home-made blueberry pie, with the ‘Pi’ sign with a group of people cut-out in the center of the pie.  At the lower right of the Pi symbol is the word “NUMUS” — Pi’s currency code.


    PICISI is very please with the work and has acknowledged it is the first bid contract PICISI has awarded and will be paid for with Pi.


    MakingMoneyHoney is a web designer she MakingMoneyHoney.com andWhatsCryptocurrency.com,  she is known at two of the most popular CC discussion board: MakingMoneyHoney from the bitcointalk.org/altcointalk.org forums. She created these sites to serve as an easy to understand guide to cryptocurrency for those new to the crypto-world. She could be found at twitter @MakingMoneybtc


    MakingMoneyHoney.com also hosts a sortable cryptocurrency faucet listing. So, newcomers, as well as everyone else, can easily find the best faucets for their favorite cryptos. There are a few faucet rotators as well: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DASH, Litecoin and Peercoin for quickly collecting from popup free faucets.