The financial technology sector is a booming industry full of cutting-edge start ups and innovative development. Digital Currencies such as Bitcoin, and the underlying BlockChain technology, are not just buzz-words intended to disrupt existing remittance systems. The premise is undeniable.

VeriCoin. Fast, Secure and Rewarding.?

With one second transactions, a multitude of features such as VeriBit, VeriSend, VeriSMS, a BIP32 Lite Android Wallet and a very user friendly Desktop Wallet, VeriCoin is a much quicker, more intuitive, more efficient Peer to Peer Digital Currency than any traditional banking system or Crypto Currency in existence - including Bitcoin.

Initially developed by two Bio-Physics scientists from Rutgers University the Team has added two additional, top tier C++ developers to the roster. The end goal remains the same - to simplify otherwise complicated technology and to foster unique partnerships who have the expertise to bring VeriCoin mainstream.

VeriCoin has weathered the initial Crypto Currency market volatility and crossed our one year anniversary on May 10th, 2015.


With one year under it's belt VeriCoin is now running on it's own, first of it's kind Proof-of-Stake-Time protocol - also known as PoST.

What is PoST??

Proof-of-Stake-Time is a Blockchain protocol that features a variable interest rate which fluctuates depending on the amount of coins being staked as well as how long they've been staking.
As more coins are staked users earn interest relative to the network stake weight, as well as how actively they've been staking their coins.
This provides tremendous incentive to stake as well as being the most secure Proof-of-Stake Crypto Currency.

Full Proof-of-Stake-Time White Paper:

Authored by:
Douglas Pike, Patrick Nosker, David Boehm, Daniel Grisham, Steve Woods and Joshua Marston.
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