Cryptocurrency Earns PICISI's First Contract


    PICISI, a crowdfunding start-up presently under construction, recently announced that they awarded their first contract to MakingMoneyHoney and that payment will be made with “Pi”.


    Once PICISI is launched it will allow crowdfunding campaign organizers to raise funds in fiat (USD, EUR, GBP etc … ) as well as cryptocurrency (EMC2, HYPER, METAL, etc …).   The PICISI issued cryptocurrency (CC) called Pi is awaiting release and will be used in the day-to-day business operation of PICISI.  The primary uses of Pi will be:


    1) to raise funds for start-up and multiple operational licenses worldwide,

    2) to pay Promotion Contractors and others worldwide who do assignments for PICISI,

    3) as a host CC option for Campaign Organizers, and;

    4) as a CC payment option for PICISI sponsors


    For more information about Pi click here.


    Here are 4 primary ways that PI is will be earned:

    1)  by an Administrator,

    2)  by a Promotions Contractor doing ‘Staple’ Assignments, these are no bid contracts,

    3)  by a Promotions Contractor doing ‘Reserve’ Assignments, these are bid contracts, and;

    4)  by a Referral Agent


    Earlier in May PICISI put out a public request for bids to design the logo for Pi, given that PICISI has not yet launched the response was light, especially considering that payment for the service would be made in Pi after the currency is launched.  Of the bids that were submitted  MakingMoneyHoney was selected and awarded the contract.


    All of the bidders were good designers so the competition was tough.  MakingMoneyHoneywon the bid and produced the following images: MakingMoneyHoney of which PICISI selected the following image to be the official logo for Pi:  


    The image is of a home-made blueberry pie, with the ‘Pi’ sign with a group of people cut-out in the center of the pie.  At the lower right of the Pi symbol is the word “NUMUS” — Pi’s currency code.


    PICISI is very please with the work and has acknowledged it is the first bid contract PICISI has awarded and will be paid for with Pi.


    MakingMoneyHoney is a web designer she,  she is known at two of the most popular CC discussion board: MakingMoneyHoney from the forums. She created these sites to serve as an easy to understand guide to cryptocurrency for those new to the crypto-world. She could be found at twitter @MakingMoneybtc

  also hosts a sortable cryptocurrency faucet listing. So, newcomers, as well as everyone else, can easily find the best faucets for their favorite cryptos. There are a few faucet rotators as well: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DASH, Litecoin and Peercoin for quickly collecting from popup free faucets.


Automated compilation and installation on raspberry pi

Now the script will compile, and download automaticaly the complete blockchain, create the config files and the icons on the desktop. This will save a lot of times not only for VERGE deployement on multiple machine, but can be used on any other wallet deployement job. Faster deployement no need to mess with config files or blockchain sync. And work on many raspi distro.

Innovative Crowdfunding Site Set To Release New Cryptocurrency

In an effort to raise startup funds to develop what promises to be an innovative crowdfunding site, is launching a new cryptocurrency on August 31 to coincide with their 15 day crowdfunding effort. 
PICISI (Philanthropic Investments and Charity for Inventions, Startups, and Ideas) is a crowdfunding project that has been in development for a number of months, Pi (abbreviation for acronym) is the common name given to the cryptocurrency (currency code NUMUS) they created 4 month ago that is now ready to be released to the public.  Pi/NUMUS (Latin for currency) was created using the NXT Monetary System.  NXT is one of a handful of highly advanced cryptocurrency platforms often referred to as 'Bitcoin 2.0' platforms.
Pi was designed to play an integral role in the long-term business development of PICISI it will serve in 3 specific ways: initially, like all national currencies, to raise startup funds; secondly to use in the day-to-day operations of PICISI; and finally to provide a funding resource for major capital expenditures eg: Money Services Business licenses for all 50 US states, which could amount to $1M. 
PICISI's mantra is 'Promotion, Promotion, Promotion' this is primarily how Pi will enter the marketplace.  Promotion Contractors are self-employed individuals from all around the world who do PICISI assignments.  They are primarily writers, but also video producers, graphic artists, marketing professionals, and social media experts.  Once registered, Promotion Contractors are able to work on various PICISI assignments to earn Pi.
Knowing that cryptocurrencies are notorious for being volatile investment instruments PICISI plans to provide Pi with a level of stability by instituting a value adding 'rebuy' plan -- as they earn fiat they rebuy Pi on the open market.
As a crowdfunding site PICISI expects to earn revenue primarily through fees charged to campaigns, and through various sponsorship opportunities.  The rebuy plan says, earnings in the form of fiat (USD, GBP, CAD, or any other national currency) will be used to buy Pi at public cryptocurrency exchanges.   They also indicate that if an official exchange sponsor is in place, all Pi purchases made by PICISI will take place at that exchange.  
Although cryptocurrency can not be counterfeited the cryptocurrency industry is wrestling with troublesome hackers, billions were lost due to hacking.  PICISI is asking cryptocurrency developers to consider giving cryptocurrency creators the option of including serial numbers on individual cryptocurrency units so that each unit could be individually identified for the life of the currency. 
According to PICISI, serial numbers may not fit most cryptocurrency models but would be a perfect fit for Pi, they indicated that if Pi, with serial numbers, were stolen from them they would instantly devalue the specific units in question such that it would be effectively worthless to them.  With that type of tool and policy in place it will add an extra layer of security to Pi. 
PICISI sees Pi as an international currency that will fund global entrepreneurship; to learn more about Pi contact PICISI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Join The PICISI Community As Promotion Contractor

PICISI is a crowdfunding site with a 3-word mantra: ‘Promotion, Promotion, Promotion’. Our goal is to promote the PICISI message, to promote the message of our sponsors, and to promote the message of each of the campaigns at our site. Our intent is to be in a state of perpetual promotion, meaning all day, every day, everywhere around the world. To do this we will create a massive international network of associates to satisfactorily complete PICISI assignments on a regular basis.


PICISI assignments can be as simple as retweeting campaign content to an established fan base, to as complex as website development. Most of our assignments are centered around writing, social networking, and video production. Let’s take a look at 16 real PICISI assignments to get a sense of what PICISI wants and is willing to pay with Pi to registered Promotion Contractors:



• 5 second sponsor video (25)

• 5 min interview of a sponsor (80)

• 30 second PICISI video (100)

• 1 min PICISI explainer video (80)



• badges (5)

• unique article images (25)

• t-shirt graphic (50)

• PICISI logo (30)


Social Networking

• Start PICISI topic at any authorized Discussion Board site (1)



• published PICISI relevant article (min 500 words) at any self publishing site (60)

• articles published by national media sites or national newspaper (200)

• Reprint an PICISI article that was already published elsewhere (2 total max 40)


Interviews  (this i s mainly how the Communications Director will earn money) 

• TV interview (or segment) on CF and you mention our site at least twice and provide address. We must have copy for youtube. (50)

• Radio interview (or segment) about CF, you mention our site at least twice and provide address. We must have copy of the show. (50)

• do follow-up story of successfully completed campaign (75)


Pi (NUMUS) is currently valued at $1ea its value is expected to fluctuate from time to time with supply and demand, however since the PICISI issued token is primarily tied to the performance of PICISI it should be relatively strong and stable.


Let's do some business together.



[i]You Are Invited To Join The PICISI Community, We Are: Administrators, Sponsors, Promotion Contractors, Campaign Contractors, Referral Agents, Campaign Organizers, Donors/Contributors, Volunteers and Pi (NUMUS) Investors.  [/i]

Vericoin: New Proof-Of-Stake-Time Protocol.



The financial technology sector is a booming industry full of cutting-edge start ups and innovative development. Digital Currencies such as Bitcoin, and the underlying BlockChain technology, are not just buzz-words intended to disrupt existing remittance systems. The premise is undeniable.

VeriCoin. Fast, Secure and Rewarding.?

With one second transactions, a multitude of features such as VeriBit, VeriSend, VeriSMS, a BIP32 Lite Android Wallet and a very user friendly Desktop Wallet, VeriCoin is a much quicker, more intuitive, more efficient Peer to Peer Digital Currency than any traditional banking system or Crypto Currency in existence - including Bitcoin.

Initially developed by two Bio-Physics scientists from Rutgers University the Team has added two additional, top tier C++ developers to the roster. The end goal remains the same - to simplify otherwise complicated technology and to foster unique partnerships who have the expertise to bring VeriCoin mainstream.

VeriCoin has weathered the initial Crypto Currency market volatility and crossed our one year anniversary on May 10th, 2015.


With one year under it's belt VeriCoin is now running on it's own, first of it's kind Proof-of-Stake-Time protocol - also known as PoST.

What is PoST??

Proof-of-Stake-Time is a Blockchain protocol that features a variable interest rate which fluctuates depending on the amount of coins being staked as well as how long they've been staking.
As more coins are staked users earn interest relative to the network stake weight, as well as how actively they've been staking their coins.
This provides tremendous incentive to stake as well as being the most secure Proof-of-Stake Crypto Currency.

Full Proof-of-Stake-Time White Paper:

Authored by:
Douglas Pike, Patrick Nosker, David Boehm, Daniel Grisham, Steve Woods and Joshua Marston.
For more information, please visit

PICISI Assignment To Retweet A Message

PICISI Assignment To Retweet A Message 

The assignment is to retweet a specific message to your followers, the assignment will last the full day of September 4th 2015. 

@PICISIproject will tweet the following message:

Pi (NUMUS) Success Is Success For NXT, EMC2, HYPER, Metal, XMG, ARI, WAC, GRC, GP, TRI, HBN, ENRG, GSM, STV, HTML5, Coin2 & many CCs

Our budget for this assignment is 2Pi per PICISI follower prior to Sept 3 otherwise 1Pi. Must have a minimum of 100 followers. 

This is a no-bid contract and open to all registered Promotion Contractors. This assignment closes when Sept 4th ends. 

To know more about Pi see these articles:

Great Expectations For Pi - 
PICISI Crowdfunding Project Will Use Nxt Monetary System -
PI Anyone? -


  • The PICISI mantra is “Promotion, Promotion, Promotion”, even in our pre-launch state, we are aggressively promoting PICISI and our sponsors. It is by design that PICISI is in a perpetual state of promotion. This article will feature reasons why cryptocurrency (CC) communities should sponsor crowdfunding campaigns at PICISI.


    Promotion is a major part of what we do at PICISI, it starts with our unconventional hiring plan. It is our intent to hire self-employed contractors all over the world to do various assignments (video production, article writing, social networking, etc …) to promote our message, the message of our sponsors, as well as the individual message of our campaign organizers. We want our combined voices heard everywhere, all day, every day.



    The very best place to market a CC will be at PICISI, that is where a CC sponsor will be able to introduce a CC in many different ways — we have 10 sponsorship opportunities The primary ways to get your message conveyed is as: host CC sponsor, campaign sponsor, donor perk sponsor, advertising perk sponsor, and campaign video sponsor; and secondarily as: home / category page sponsor, donation list sponsor, article sponsor, youtube channel sponsor, and PICISI merchandising sponsor. Let’s take a closer look at the primary sponsorship opportunities:


    Host CC Sponsor – once an organizer has elected to have a ‘sponsor currency’ all CC sponsors are given the opportunity win the honor, once the connection is made all CCs donated to that campaign will be converted to the host CC.

    Every visitor to the campaign will see the host CC in action, not simply as an ad. Additionally organizers are able to use the funds with any of the campaign contractors to create, develop, or promote their campaign. This type of practical and positive interaction with CCs will improve how the general public views the cryptocurrency industry.


    Campaign Sponsor – this is the most common type of sponsorship seen in crowdfunding campaigns. The sponsor’s logo is placed within an area of the body of the campaign text. The higher your donation the higher your logo will appear in the sponsorship logo area.


    Donor Perk Sponsor – a sponsor provided perk is escrowed by PICISI on behalf of a specific campaign where it will be used. If the perk is not requested by any qualified donor it is converted to host CC and donated to the campaign.


    Advertising Perk Sponsor – a sponsor provided perk escrowed by PICISI on behalf of a specific campaign to be used as a perk. If the perk is not requested by any qualified campaign donor the perk is sent back to the sponsor — the perk is NOT donated to the campaign


    Campaign Video Sponsor – the first 5 second of the campaign organizer’s video is allocated for the Campaign Video Sponsor, this is where the sponsor will indicate: “This video is brought to you by … [say sponsor’s name, show sponsor’s logo, and say sponsor’s catchphrase]”


    ‘Purpose CCs’ are CCs that were created with a specific niche in mind eg: EMC2, Metal, HYPER, RPC, Gridcoin, EDU, etc … these types of CCs will find it easier to target their message in specific PICISI categories eg: the Science Research category for the CCs EMC2, and Gridcoin; likewise for Gaming / Game Development category for HYPER and GMC; the Music category for Metal coin; the Politics category for RPC, the Education category for EDU; and the Renewable Energy category for ENRG.


    One of our launch prerequisites is to secure a minimum of 20 sponsors, currently we have 23: / The Einsteinium News / Crypto Cloud Hosting / Bitcoin PR Buzz / Crypto Database / Einsteinium (EMC2) / Metal Coin / HYPER (HYPER)
    Hobonickels (HBN) / Energy Coin (ENRG) / World Aid Coin / Artsry Coin / GSM Coin (GSM) / Sativacoin (STV) / Magi Coin (XMG) / HTML5 (HTML5) / Coin2 (Coin2) / Aricoin (ARI) / NXT / Gridcoin / GoldPieces / and Triangles (TRI).

    If you like the direction PICISI is traveling you are invited to support us with sponsorship and to share our message with your constituents.